29 March 2012

WiP Wednesday: Thursday Edition

All day yesterday I was looking forward to today's WIP Wednesday because I had it in my mind (until about 5 minutes ago) that today is Wednesday, not Thursday. Whoops!

Anyway, so here's what I've been working on the past couple weeks.

Wonky log cabin for the Bliss circle of do. Good Stitches. 1 down, 1 to go.

Quilt in progress

Trilobite from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson

Yesterday I cast this sock on. It's my first toe up sock & my second attempt at the magic loop. I gave up on my first attempt, with a cuff down sock. I hated it! Working from the toe up the magic loop actually makes sense now. I'm loving this pattern so far, but I really need to finish Jake's socks before I get too distracted by this pair. I don't have a more recent photo, but his first sock is nearly finished.

My Tula Pink quilt! Well, the top at least.

The Fabric: Flutterby charm pack, various solids, Hushabye butterflies for border. Will be backed with Tula Pink Feathers flannel from Nest & bound with more Flutterby.

The Pattern: A simple 4-patch square in a square of my own design.

The Quilting: I will be attempting this on my home machine. Wish me luck!!

Comments: I wish that I'd had more of the dark brown because I love how the bright colors of Flutterby pops against it. It was a fun, quick quilt top to throw together and I'm sure there will be more like it in my future.

My first real attempt at applique. Sailboats for the Bliss circle of do. Good Stitches.

Sitting outside reflecting on life & enjoying the view.

14 March 2012

WiP Wednesday

I haven't been sewing much lately, mostly knitting, but I did finish Jake's quilt this week! Go here if you'd like to see it.

I cast on his socks a couple nights ago and made quite a bit of progress on it today.

Jake's Winter Wheat sock #1.

It's now about twice this length, this picture was taken earlier this afternoon.

T for Tuckey

This monogram will be joining our new print. I also found an old window frame in a small dump (from previous owners) near the arena. I washed it off and am trying to decide exactly what to do with it, but I'm sure it'll become part of the collage as well. Maybe some wonky stars or something. We'll see. :)

Another WiP for me is eating healthier. I love fruits & veggies, but we don't eat them near as often as we should. Jake would disagree, but it's true.

Bountiful Baskets recently arrived in Lusk and the above is our first basket. We've eaten much of it already and have found some delicious new recipes in the process. Saturday is the next pick up & I'm very excited to see what we get this time.

Some new yarn I picked up in Casper over the weekend. They too will become socks!

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12 March 2012

Jake's New Quilt

Last year I was in 3 different quilting bees on Flickr. In each of the bees I requested a block for Jake. I posted the below picture of Jake working & asked for "manly blocks" in outdoorsy colors; blue (sky), green (grass), brown (dirt, cattle, horses), orange & red (sunrise/sunset).

A Typical Day

I got some jaw dropping blocks!

Because they were all slightly different sizes (I gave a range 12.5" to 13") I sashed them with a bandana fabric that comes in several different colors. I cut them wonky to 15.5" and laid them out on the floor to find the perfect layout.

Yesterday I finished the binding & threw it in the wash. I used a Moda flannel for the backing which gives it extra weight, but not too much.

You can't tell because he's hiding behind the quilt, but he's happy! :D

I made sure to center some of his favorite blocks. The paper pieced horse in the upper left corner is another favorite.

Now that his quilt is finally finished it's time to start on his socks. The original yarn he had chosen wasn't fun enough for me so I made him pick out different yarn when we were in Casper over the weekend.

Isn't it beautiful? And yet still manly?

I will be doing the man's Winter Wheat sock from Love of Knitting magazine, and have already started to cast on late last night.

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11 March 2012

Lit Prints

I've always loved collecting quotes. I have several notepads full of them somewhere. So when Indie Jane introduced me to a new Etsy shop called Lit Prints I knew I had found a kindred spirit. And some new wall art!

It arrived yesterday as we were headed over to Casper for our monthly shopping. I had mentioned to Holly when I ordered that "Do not bend" mail often gets bent into our mailbox (although it has gotten better since Jake put a wooden box next to the mailbox for larger packages). But she added plenty of cardboard to the envelope to keep it safe.

This is what arrived yesterday.

Beautifully packaged! I love that the note & holder look like old school library check out cards.

I plan to make a collage of inspiring artwork on one of our bedroom walls so I had Jake help me decide which quote we wanted. Otherwise I probably would have chosen "We're all mad here" which is on the back of her business card (above). Haha!

Amazing, aren't they??

The small card was an extra goodie that she added. How in the world did she know that was the other quote we were debating on buying?

I already have my eye on a couple other prints, but in the meantime you should really head over there and check out her stuff. Tell her Sharon from Wyoming sent you!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I'm just really thrilled with what I got in the mail! :D

04 March 2012

For the Love of...Accessories

I love making jewelry! I haven't in a while because I've been distracted by sewing and knitting, but I love it all the same. Beads, wire, leather, chain. A little bit of everything to make fun accessories to wear.


Chain wrapped leather bracelet

My favorite handmade necklaces made by various artists

My favorite winter accessories are warm wool scarves and cowls.

I made this Shawl Collared Cowl over the New Year's weekend.

This cowl is made from handspun Wyoming wool. I love the vibrant colors and it is a very warm and soft wool. I think I used the Mustard Scarf pattern, but I'm not sure because it's been a few months now & I must have erased the download from my phone.

If anyone is interested it is available for trade. I love it, but it is not my style. So has just been sitting around waiting for someone to not only love, but wear it too. If you are interested in doing a swap just leave a comment or tweet me.

I love accessorizing, but these will always be my favorite accessories. My husband's hand & our wedding rings.

Share your favorite accessories. Grab a button from the sidebar, write a post, & come back to link up. The link will be open for 1 week.