18 February 2011

On the Road in 8 Days

Sorry I haven't posted this week. Here's why:

We are moving back to Wyoming!

Jake is a member of a couple ranching forums and he was approached by one of the other members wondering if he might be looking for a job on a ranch where they don't any have 4-wheelers. All the cow work, except feeding, is done horseback. Jake is a cowboy through and through and for a true cowboy working cows on a 4-wheeler just isn't the same.

Well, Jake wasn't looking for a job, he had a good job here, but his dream job is to work horseback so he put in his application. We went down there for a visit in January, got a tour of part of the ranch (before a blizzard blew in) and got to see the house where we'll be living and came home with a job offer. It didn't take us long to decide that this is the path we're supposed to take. We're very grateful to Jake's boss, here in Montana, for the past year's work. We were planning on staying around a few years, but as they say when opportunity knock you've got to answer.

Jake with Fancy, our beautiful mare.

I'm looking forward to being back in Wyoming and closer to friends and family, but I will miss Montana. If we hadn't moved to Montana I probably wouldn't be sewing and quilting and I probably wouldn't have this blog. Living so far from anything has made me more independent and creative with how I spend my time. We've enjoyed our time here in Montana, but we've come to realize that Wyoming is home and that's where we belong.

My cowboy with our nephew. Yes, he is wearing cowboy boots at the beach.


Bree said...

Only 8 more days?! It'll be here before you know it.

Love the beach picture! :)

Sally said...

Trailer looks packed full, and really well loaded. I'm proud of you Sharon and hope the move goes well.

My Sweet Prairie said...

Awe! Well don't stop blogging or sewing when you leave Montana, okay? :-)
Monika in Saskatoon

Mare said...

Love the beach picture. Good luck on your move.