27 November 2010

Ugly Sweater, Cute ?

As I mentioned the other day. I've had several chances to do some thrifting in the past month or so and have found some wonderful fabrics in the form of hideous sweaters and other clothing.

Here are a few...
UGLY Sweater, Cute Purse
This sweater is hideous! But the I love the fabric. It is a hand knit sweater with the cutest buttons. When I saw this the first thing I thought was "This will make a really cute clutch." My one worry is that I don't want to cut it and have the whole thing unravel.

Ugly Sweater, Cute Stuffed Animal
Doesn't this sweatshirt scream rainbow sherbet? I'm thinking this needs to be turned into a cute stuffed animal, or 2.

Ugly Sweater, Cute Scarf
I like orange. Can you tell? Actually, I kinda like this sweater, but it's too small. I was thinking this would be fun to make and a nice way to brighten up a cold, winter day.

That's the plan, but for now they're going to sit in the closet for a bit because I have Christmas presents to make. I'm currently working on "Our First Christmas" gifts for our friends that got married this year. We missed 4 weddings (because of distance and our move) and couldn't afford to get them gifts at the time. I will post pictures once they are finished.

26 November 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

So, yesterday was the first time I had ever made a full holiday meal. I've made dishes for potluck holidays and I help my mom with a couple of the dishes when I'm in California for the holidays. But I've never had to plan the entire meal and figure out the timing on everything before.

It was a surprisingly successful meal!
A light lunch

The spread
I know it's difficult to see everything, but here's the line up: Turkey, green bean casserole, sausage and cranberry stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and...

Blush apple pie!
Replace 1/2 the sugar with cinnamon imps candy. Yum! Yum!
I even made the crust too. I was a bit nervous about it, but it turned out really tasty.

It was a very nice day with Jake, his dad (Jack), and the assistants.

Lotte and Cord
Festus and Lady (Jack's dog) were in the basement during this photo op.

23 November 2010


I've taken my dog to the vet over in Miles City several times this month and every time I head over there I try to search for fun new fabrics to add to my stash.  OK, not new, just new to me.  There is a great thrift store there that is always full of customers.  I've never seen a busier thrift store, even when I lived in Southern California!  They have a small crafting section in the corner and one day I took the time to go through all the drawers and baskets and found some real treasures.  Now when I walk in I make a beeline for the back and then have to remind myself that there are great finds elsewhere in the store too.  There is an antique/music store that's also in MC that has some goodies tucked in the way back of the store, if you can find anything among all the trinkets.  Here are some of my recent finds...
This was my exciting find at the antique store.  On the selvage it says "'nataraja floral' phillip de leon for The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection."  I got 2 1/2 yds for $3.50!  Sorry for the color distortion (my house is bright, yet dark at the same time), the background color is more of a rich rust color and the purples are just beautiful.

My boss loves purple.  I bought some denim and am thinking about making a reversible apron for her.

A fun little western fabric.

Thinking this might become the bottom of a Made By Rae's Bonsai Bag.  I'll probably practice my quilting skills (or lack thereof) for the panel piece of the bag.

This whole stack cost about $1.  Lots of fun trim.

I'll try to post more thrifted finds tomorrow, but if I don't...Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


21 November 2010

The Other Morning

I never used to be an early morning person, but who wouldn't want to start their day watching this?