30 August 2011

Our Dubois Adventure

A couple weeks ago, on a Thursday, we found out that Jake was getting the upcoming weekend off. Saturday & Sunday! Well, we immediately planned a trip to visit friends & family in Dubois, Wyoming, where we used to live. The luckiest part of this trip was that there were tons of events going on up there that weekend. Friday Night Rodeo, chariot races, buffalo BBQ, & an awesome quilt show!

We were really lucky because Jake got done early Friday & my awesome boss let me go home early so that we could get on the road.

So we made it in time for the rodeo. :)

Saturday started with the chariot races.

Our friend, Jed, prepping his chariot.

Here's a short clip of the race, although it seems much faster in person.

The quilt show ran all weekend. See the fishing flies in the quilting?!

And this beautiful quilt...

...With a beautiful clothesline detail.

This one was made by Jake's very talented Aunt Leigh, who taught me how to quilt.

I love this quilt!

And all the details!!!

The Fire Department's annual Buffalo BBQ was next, but we were so busy visiting with everyone that we forgot to take pictures!

Sunday before we left we stopped by Bert & Leigh's home and Lotte went for a little swim.

26 August 2011

Fave 5 Friday

Evening tea on the patio.

Striped binding.

Whimsical quilts. Seen at the Neversweat Needlers Quilt Show in Dubois, Wy.

Smoky sunsets.

I'm am trying out my first linky party. Hopefully this works. If it does, post your 5 favorites from the week & link up here. :)

*It looks like it worked! Hooray! Hopefully next week I'll have a button. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's faves*

25 August 2011

So Much to Share!

Oh my! We have had quite a month! County fair, state fair, visiting family & friends, quilt shows, rodeos, chariot races. You know, a typical Wyoming summer.

Here's some highlights from the state fair last week:


A country girl's best friend is her pony.

Tribute to the Pony Express riders.

And, of course, tractors.

Quilt/Craft Show

Isn't this amazing?! The charity of the people of Wyoming still blows me away. This afghan was made as a memorial fundraiser in honor of Deputy Bryan P. Gross, who drowned recently saving a young woman from drowning.

I love all the blues and the simple pattern.

Such a lovely embroidered quilt.

Close up of one of the blocks.

Handmade chain mail!!

I want one of these windchimes. Time to go thrifting for the supplies to make one. :)

PRCA Rodeo

Bronc riding

Mutton busting. My favorite! These little kids are so brave.

Those are some good horses. At one point he was standing on the horse playing with his rope. And see his dog on the back of the other horse?

Barrel racing

The new rodeo queen

Bull riding!

The Animals

Sheep buddies

This guy was a little shy. :)

Not quite sure how he got in there. Crazy goat!

Thanks for be patient with me on my hiatus. Hope you enjoyed my adventure to the Wyoming State Fair.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my very first linky party (If I can figure it out. Eep!) for Fave 5 Friday.

16 August 2011

Giveaway Winner!

No, I haven't forgotten that I had a winner to draw. We ended up taking a last minute adventure up to Dubois (where we used to live) for the weekend. But more on that later, you want to know who won right?

Congratulations Sarah N! Random.org chose you!

We've added a couple new charm packs to the shop since you commented (Hometown, anyone???) so go double check the shop & confirm which charm pack you would love to receive.

I'm off to meet the boss' wife at our mailbox for a daytrip to Casper, but I will be sending you an email when I get back this evening. :)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. Seeing 45 comments really made my day!!! :)

05 August 2011

Fave 5 Friday & A Giveaway!

Niobrara County Fair Ranch Rodeo

Last weekend the county fair kicked off with a ranch rodeo. There's no team roping, barrel racing, or bronc riding in these rodeos. Well, there is, but it's in a different form than the PRCA rodeos. Instead they show off the skills that cowboys & ranch hands use day in and day out. And since most of them do this for a living it only makes sense. :)

They cut cows from the herd to load on the trailer (a LOT harder than it sounds, see how many hands are on one cow to keep her separated in the picture above?), roping cows for branding and doctoring, and a wild stampede race. There were other events, but I can't think of them right now.

Treasures by the corrals...

...Wild rhubarb!

Jake brought me some flowers the other day. We've got wild sunflowers lining the county road right now. So beautiful!

The clouds were so amazing the other day. I got several pictures (SOOC) & they look like paintings.

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh yeah, didn't I say something about a giveaway in the title? OK, I've been meaning to do this for a few weeks now that I have over 200 followers! I am giving away 1 charm pack of the winner's choice from Lickety Stitch Quilts. This is not a sponsored giveaway, but since I work there it's easiest for me to get stuff there. Plus I get a bit of discount. ;)

To enter:

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The giveaway will be open until Sunday, August 14th.

03 August 2011

Quilt Tops & Screen Doors

My parents just left today after a long weekend visiting. It was a very nice visit & we had a lot of fun going to the rodeo (more on that later this week), driving around the area, and just hanging out at home.

My mom is an amazing sewist and taught me garment making last year. This year she wanted to learn how to quilt so she was my first quilting student.

Mom's first quilt top. Made with an Etchings charm pack & using the Bennington pattern in Schnibbles Times Two by Carrie Nelson.

I finally finished my A Morris Tapestry quilt. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but it had ended up in my "on hold" pile. After cutting the border twice (short both times) and running out of fabric I had to rethink it a bit. I think it turned out better than my original plan. :)

Since we have moved so much my parents have never gotten us a house warming present. (It wasn't something I had ever thought of, but something my mom brought up recently.) So while they were here we headed over to Menard's in Scottsbluff and got screen doors & a weed whacker! So awesome! Now I only have to fight with the bugs when I'm outside.

My dad played on the riding lawn mower most of the day yesterday and the "yard" looks amazing! :)

They also brought this with them. When my grandfather passed away recently we received a flag for his service in the Army Air Corps during WWII. We also received a flag for grandma, who was in the Marine Corps Women's Reserve and served in New York during WWII. They never received a flag when she passed away, but now that everything's computerized they discovered the mistake. My brother has the other one so this flag is in honor of both grandparents' service for our country.

And see that painting in the upper left hand corner? One of several paintings that I own that grandpa did. :)

Thanks for visiting!