25 August 2011

So Much to Share!

Oh my! We have had quite a month! County fair, state fair, visiting family & friends, quilt shows, rodeos, chariot races. You know, a typical Wyoming summer.

Here's some highlights from the state fair last week:


A country girl's best friend is her pony.

Tribute to the Pony Express riders.

And, of course, tractors.

Quilt/Craft Show

Isn't this amazing?! The charity of the people of Wyoming still blows me away. This afghan was made as a memorial fundraiser in honor of Deputy Bryan P. Gross, who drowned recently saving a young woman from drowning.

I love all the blues and the simple pattern.

Such a lovely embroidered quilt.

Close up of one of the blocks.

Handmade chain mail!!

I want one of these windchimes. Time to go thrifting for the supplies to make one. :)

PRCA Rodeo

Bronc riding

Mutton busting. My favorite! These little kids are so brave.

Those are some good horses. At one point he was standing on the horse playing with his rope. And see his dog on the back of the other horse?

Barrel racing

The new rodeo queen

Bull riding!

The Animals

Sheep buddies

This guy was a little shy. :)

Not quite sure how he got in there. Crazy goat!

Thanks for be patient with me on my hiatus. Hope you enjoyed my adventure to the Wyoming State Fair.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my very first linky party (If I can figure it out. Eep!) for Fave 5 Friday.

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MamaTea said...

Looks like so much fun! The timing was perfect as we are just a couple days out from attending the MN state fair. Loved the quilt pictures, and that afghan?? WOW.