30 August 2011

Our Dubois Adventure

A couple weeks ago, on a Thursday, we found out that Jake was getting the upcoming weekend off. Saturday & Sunday! Well, we immediately planned a trip to visit friends & family in Dubois, Wyoming, where we used to live. The luckiest part of this trip was that there were tons of events going on up there that weekend. Friday Night Rodeo, chariot races, buffalo BBQ, & an awesome quilt show!

We were really lucky because Jake got done early Friday & my awesome boss let me go home early so that we could get on the road.

So we made it in time for the rodeo. :)

Saturday started with the chariot races.

Our friend, Jed, prepping his chariot.

Here's a short clip of the race, although it seems much faster in person.

The quilt show ran all weekend. See the fishing flies in the quilting?!

And this beautiful quilt...

...With a beautiful clothesline detail.

This one was made by Jake's very talented Aunt Leigh, who taught me how to quilt.

I love this quilt!

And all the details!!!

The Fire Department's annual Buffalo BBQ was next, but we were so busy visiting with everyone that we forgot to take pictures!

Sunday before we left we stopped by Bert & Leigh's home and Lotte went for a little swim.

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CreationsForEleanor said...

What fun, so excited for a Misfit trip to see you, whenever we can do t:)