27 November 2010

Ugly Sweater, Cute ?

As I mentioned the other day. I've had several chances to do some thrifting in the past month or so and have found some wonderful fabrics in the form of hideous sweaters and other clothing.

Here are a few...
UGLY Sweater, Cute Purse
This sweater is hideous! But the I love the fabric. It is a hand knit sweater with the cutest buttons. When I saw this the first thing I thought was "This will make a really cute clutch." My one worry is that I don't want to cut it and have the whole thing unravel.

Ugly Sweater, Cute Stuffed Animal
Doesn't this sweatshirt scream rainbow sherbet? I'm thinking this needs to be turned into a cute stuffed animal, or 2.

Ugly Sweater, Cute Scarf
I like orange. Can you tell? Actually, I kinda like this sweater, but it's too small. I was thinking this would be fun to make and a nice way to brighten up a cold, winter day.

That's the plan, but for now they're going to sit in the closet for a bit because I have Christmas presents to make. I'm currently working on "Our First Christmas" gifts for our friends that got married this year. We missed 4 weddings (because of distance and our move) and couldn't afford to get them gifts at the time. I will post pictures once they are finished.

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