02 December 2010

Eek! A Mouse!

The other night I was sitting at the computer when I heard "scratch, scratch, scratch" coming from the kitchen.
Since winter has set in the field mice have decided that my house is warm and toasty and a great place to make a nest. We've been battling them since we moved in, but it's definitely worse in the cold weather.
The dogs didn't hear the scratching since they were down in the basement so I decided I would investigate. I quietly climbed over the baby gate (which keeps the dogs off the carpeted part of the house) and tip toed over to where I heard the noise. I've tried to discover these bastards before, but the noise usually stops once I've gotten about halfway across the kitchen (and it's not a very big kitchen), but this night the noise continued. Since the lights were out and I could still hear the mouse I decided to grab a flashlight so I could try to see something when I opened the cupboard.

This is what I found.

The piece he is sitting on goes to our dehydrator. The piece above him is from the food processor and the the paper is parchment paper that I had cut for the dehydrator so small pieces of food wouldn't fall through the slits. There were actually 2 mice in this nest, but one got away as Jake was pulling this out of the cupboard. This one was taken outside and set free. The dogs tried to nab him, but he got away. Bad Dogs!

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dennisranch said...

Hi Sharon and Jake! Jinglebob here. Welcome to the world of blogging. Make sure and update often so I got something to read!

Cute post about the mouse.

Why didn't you just feed him to the dogs?