28 December 2010

Christmas Gifts for Jake's Family

Here's what Jake's family got for Christmas.

Miss Madeline dress for our niece. I call it a prairie dress.
I had so much fun putting this dress together. It's fast and easy and just so darn cute!!!

Father, son, and son BBQ aprons for Jake's brother (Ben) and our nephews.
These were also fast and easy to make and I absolutely love how they turned out.

Necklace with cream-colored glass pearls and red beads for Ben's wife, Serenity.

White glass pearls on red wire necklace for Jake's mom.

Now it's off to go make the final Christmas presents of 2010 for my co-workers. They'll be getting them New Year's Eve, as long as we can get off the ranch. We're supposed to get a good snow storm over the next few days, but we haven't seen much yet.

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