05 December 2010

Getting Our Christmas Tree

We went up "the high country" aka the Northeast pasture yesterday to find our tree. Here are some pictures of our adventure. Enjoy!

"Hey guys! Wait for me!" Cord found all the deepest drifts. Or maybe they just looked deep because of his short legs.

Shaking off the snow. Gotta make sure this is the right tree.

The trucks down there somewhere. Thanks honey! :)

Our lovely Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Please excuse the ugly wall in the back. They put in an air conditioner before we moved in (which works great, by the way) and haven't gotten around to finishing the wall yet. The A/C is covered in plastic and tape because the wind blows through when it's uncovered. At least the red and white is festive. Right?

A great day!


Bree said...

Looks like fun! Do your dogs enjoy the snow? Raven loves it!

Jinglebob said...

Love that last picture! Givin' him a tongue lashin'! LOL