31 August 2014

"Sunday" Drive

Jake finally seems to have a set schedule at work, Thursday and Friday off. But since he works nights we have almost 3 full days to do stuff. Friday was our "Sunday" so we decided to go for a drive and look for good fishing spots. Now that we live near the North Platte, Jake is picking up fly fishing again and I'm learning how to fish too. We even got Ruby a cute Buzz Lightyear kid's pole last week!

We took the back roads down to Glendo Reservoir, stopping at turnouts along the way. The lake has been drained really low this year so we just watched the boaters for a few minutes before getting shakes at the gas station in town.

On the way home Ruby got sick so we pulled off the county road to clean her up and take a little break. While we were there the train came by, which Ruby really enjoyed. Honestly, we all enjoyed it. Very much!

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Phyllis said...

I always love the see pictures of road trips in the US and of where you live. It is so different from over here (The Netherlands) and therefore so interesting. You have so much space over there!

Sew Surprising said...

Love the country, it looks so tranquil. May I say your knitting is gorgeous :)