30 March 2018

Food & Art

I love to cook! I've known this for the past 10 years, but I had a bit of an epiphany recently that I truly love to cook. I don't express my emotions well, but when I cook from my heart you can taste the love in my food. 💖

The downside to this passion for cooking is all the damn dishes that need to be washed. I'm slooooowly learning the art of mindful cleaning though.

This week my favorite meals were a crustless quiche (aka egg pie) and baked fish tacos. I wasn't sure if Ruby would like the fish.....she asked for more "chicken" until it was all gone! Haha! Last night's enchiladas were pretty darn good too.

Back in the day I used to share the occasional recipe here. If anyone is still around and would like me to share, I'd be happy to!

Have a beautiful night, friends.

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