14 May 2011

Fave 5 Friday

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last posted. Where did the week go? Well, my boss & her daughter went of to Quilt Market in SLC this week, so I've had the shop to myself most of the week. Between that & the dreary weather we've been having, I just haven't gotten much done after work lately.

But here's some of my favorite things from the past few weeks...

Piles of 2.5" scrap vomit squares.

Sunrise from the other morning.

Getting my garden started.

Tying up a new line to hang laundry.

A happy dog!

*Let me just say, when I wrote & posted this I thought it was Friday and didn't realize that it wasn't Friday until about 10 minutes ago. That's how my week has been. Time for a cocktail! :)

1 comment:

CreationsForEleanor said...

I am having garden envy! I have a small spot in the corner...which is often invade my a 4yr old that loves to dig for worms:) Beautiful picture!