09 January 2012

For the Love of Traditions

I meant to get this post up in the end of December & then I meant to get it posted a couple weeks ago and it still never happened... The story of my life. Ugh!

Anyway, sorry I've been away. I have all these great things to share and no confidence to share them, but more on that later. Because right now it's time for another installment of For the Love of...

For The Love Of...


Our first winter in Wyoming we began a Christmas tradition of going up into the forest and cutting our own tree. It's nice to go up into the mountains and let the dogs play and have a fun family day in the wilderness.

Please enjoy our tradition! :)


Cutting our first Christmas tree


I'm sure we have a picture of the tree somewhere, but I can't find it!


In Montana


Cord & Lotte playing in the mountains

Abandoned ranch

Jake may have also taken care of a porcupine or 2. Nasty buggers those things are!

And without further ado...our Christmas tree!

I'd love to see one of your family traditions. It doesn't need to be a winter holiday tradition, maybe you go somewhere special every summer. All you need to do is write about your favorite tradition, grab a button from the sidebar, & come back to link up. The linky will be open until January 25th.

If you have any For the Love of... theme suggestions I'd love to hear them. Next week (Jan. 27) the theme will be COLOR. I love color, especially in rainbow order!

Thank you for your patience while I was away from my blog. And get ready because I have lots to share!

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Selina Marie said...

I didn't even have a Christmas tree this year, so it was nice to see all of yours!