20 June 2012

WiP Wednesday

Well, as usual I've been starting more projects before finishing the ones I have.  But I did actually finish one today.  A few weeks ago Bree & I were chatting about all the awesome DS prints that her Joann's carries and she was sweet enough to pick up a couple fabrics for me.  

I've been wanting a real tablecloth for some time now so when I saw the plaid print I knew it was meant to be.  My table is 48" so I squared off the 42(ish)" wide fabric & added a 14" border of these great sprinkles that I found at work.

Normally I'm a cheater sewist and don't finish my seams properly, but I knew that this would be washed often so I put a zig zag stitch on all exposed seams, top stitched it, & did a proper mitered edge on the hem.  

I'm loving my new tablecloth & it is inspiring lots of ideas for more handmade items for the kitchen!


Mostly, though, I've been knitting lately.  Here are my current knitting WiPs.  I'm trying to get both pairs of socks completed before June 27th, when the next Camp Loopy challenge starts.  That will be my first project using lace weight yarn, as well as being my first fitted garment, so I will need all my brainwaves going towards it!

Jake's second sock, almost ready to start the heel.
Diamond Gansey socks in Malabrigo Persia

I've also been slowly working on a picnic quilt for Jake & I...

...and a couple of gift quilts for friends.


 Be sure to check out WiP Wednesday - Sukie style over at Freshly Pieced to see what others have been working on!  And if you haven't visited Sukie's blog, be sure you do.  She's the best!  :)

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Cheyenne said...

OH, I love that tablecloth!! I'm having fun perusin your blog! You are a talented woman!