24 June 2012

Hazel Dress

A few weeks ago I heard that Colette Patterns had just released some new patterns.  I've heard so many great things about them that I thought I'd give 'em a try.  I fell in love with the Hazel Dress, but was a little concerned how it would look on me given that I'm much larger than the model.  

Please ignore the goofy look on my face, I really like how this picture shows the shape of the dress

Friday I took the plunge and cut into a cute turtle shell print from The Nature Collection by Jennifer Sampou.

The pattern is well written & everything goes together so quickly!  The part the took the longest time was deciding how to alter the skirt for my shape.  Gathered skirts are not very flattering on me, but I'm not too familiar with pleats.  Yet.

After taking to twitter I decided that pleats were the way to go, especially considering I had already cut the skirt & installed the pockets.

Besides that the only change is that I will need to shorten the straps a bit.  We were trying to get to a dinner on Friday night so I didn't have time for final adjustments.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this dress and have already worn it twice, to dinner Friday & to meet some friends for lunch today.  It is perfect for these extra hot days we've been having and even when the wind is blowing ferociously I don't have to worry about the skirt showing too much!

Next up:  Simplicity 2215 and another Hazel in Hello Pilgrim Butterfly Sky in Blue

Hanging with Festus & Cord

I almost forgot to mention... I think I'm now in love with invisible zippers thanks to this tutorial!


Wandering Threads said...

Congratulations! It looks great - I'm so impressed!!

Jake said...

Dang you look good in those pictures!!!! Love you

Jacey said...

It looks like a lovely dress, Sharon!