05 July 2012

The Summer Heat

The past couple weeks it's been...


And smoky!

Last night it was cool enough to sew, so I whipped this block up.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet, probably a pillow or wall hanging.  I was just trying out a mini version of a quilt I have in mind.  I'm very happy with it so hopefully you will be seeing more wonky stars from me soon.

I also finished 2 picnic sized quilts over the weekend.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before they were given away.  I'll try to get the recipients to send me pictures, I'm pretty excited with how they turned out.  The teaser picture below is of the quilt that went to a dear friend who means the world to Jake & I.  The other quilt went to Jake's cousin and her husband for all their help dealing with my father-in-law's passing.

I got Jake's socks done too!  I used the Winter Wheat man's sock pattern.  They're pretty cool looking & a great pattern for a man. 

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know, but I have a guest staying here for a little while.

Her name is Dorset and she came up here from Texas for "summer camp."  I've been knitting hats for her & her friends around the world and she's been trying them all on.  She is just beautiful and I'm having a lot of fun changing her outfits & taking her picture.  Thanks Amy for letting her come visit!  :)


Jacey said...

Hmm, my comment disappeared! Let's try this again. I love the socks and I'm so excited for your finishes! The message on the quilt is so sweet, and I especially love those wonky stars. My favorite.

Sally said...

Socks look comfy... I'm sure they will really enjoy the quilt you "made with love"