29 December 2012

A Fun Challenge for the New Year

Since I started sewing (3 years ago) and knitting (last year) I have built quite a stash of fabric & yarn.  It's always nice to have a strong stash for various projects and swaps, but now that Baby is on the way I need to make some space.

Young Einstein for Baby Tuckey using Madeline Tosh LEDK in Deco Green

So I'm creating a stashdown challenge for myself.  And anyone else who'd like to join in. Every week in 2013 I will make something for me or my family from my stash.  It could be clothing, toys, something for the house, or even something for the dogs (they could really use some new beds!).  Notions purchases; interfacing, buttons, zippers are allowed to complete projects and the occasional special fabrics & yarns - Hello Constellations! - will be allowed as I use up or destash what I already have.

Each week's challenge will run Monday-Sunday & the finished project and a linky party, for those who want to play along, will be posted the next day.

Kickstarter Project 0: Literary Genius e-reader cover

Here's where I can use your help, I need a name for this challenge.  I've thought about simple ones like "Stashdown 2013" or "Living Handmade", but I'd really like a name that I'm not totally annoyed with in 3 months.  So, I'm doing a little giveaway.  Leave suggestions for a title for my challenge and the one I choose will receive this boxed bottom zippy pouch I made.  

Notions pouch made with DS Quilts fabric


My new official brand!

Side view

 The winner will be chosen and notified on January 2nd.  Thanks for your help!!


hueisei said...

How about My Precious Handmade?

Jess said...

Great idea! Not sure I'll Finish something each week, but I'll try :o) I like stashdown for the name - catchy!

Tsoniki said...

Really great idea! I will definitely join in once I get unpacked in the new place. Packing up my fabric really opens my eyes as to how much I have! And I just need to use it. :) I'm bad at names though - Stash Candy? Since fabric and yarn is so eye candy... LOL

Marcia said...

Hi Sharon - Marcia from Crowheart here - I met you at Bert & Leigh's last Christmas. I love your blog and wow...very exciting about the baby! I don't have a blog but do a lot on FB - could I still join in on your challenge? I have several shearing years worth of roving to spin and also some material. This would get me motivated to make birthday and Christmas presents. I'm not very good at catchy names but how about "Make-it-yourself in 2013!"

Bree said...

Hmmm...just got a weird page after trying to comment, so I'm sorry if it's a duplicate! :)

I like Stashdown, but what about Stash Blaster if you want something different? Love the brand!