16 January 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

I know it's now Thursday, but apparently my post didn't fully publish last night before I closed Bloggeroid. I guess I need to pay better attention when I'm using this app.

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Last week I mentioned wanting to finish my current x-stitch before I started a new one, but I broke down when I saw how cute The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's new Once Upon a Time sampler is. Ruby & I have been reading a lot of fairy tales so I thought it was an appropriate distraction.

To prep for the new sampler I tea dyed some white aida cloth that I had on hand...

...washi taped my hoop for more visual interest. And in true "make it work" fashion used some hoop earrings to hold my embroidery floss.

It is a fun & quick stitchery and once I finish January I can get back to my ABCs of Aging Artfully until the February fairy tale comes out.

My parents came out for a visit from Southern California this week, which was lots of fun! Mom & I took Ruby to a pottery shop over in Casper and made a couple belated Christmas gifts. Dad is getting a dish for his keys & wallet (pictured below), Grams Sally (Jake's mom) is getting a handprint plate, & I will finally have a yarn bowl!

I also finally started piecing my Briar Rose rainbow quilt. It's been cut for a while now, I just don't get upstairs to sew very often.

I did get my sister's fibonnaci socks done this week at least! I forgot to take a final finish picture before I sent them back with my parents, but I assure you they are done. :-)

Ruby turned 9 months old this week and is as busy as ever. She's very close to walking, but has been sidetracked by climbing and now jumping. I've started calling her Little Roo (Winnie the Pooh) because she loves to bounce so much!

She also loves her books! ♥

Thanks for letting me share!

~*~ Sharon ~*~

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Anonymous said...

Makes me smile. I've loved each stage of my kids. They are 5 and 3 now. I look fondly back to the stage you are at now but I'm perfectly happy to have them where they are now.

Phyllis said...

Great pics and how wonderful to have your parents over for a visit, lovely Christmas presents (that little hand!). Enjoy your quilting!

Tsoniki said...

So fun! I love painting pottery. And great use of the hoop earrings. LOL I have yet to finish my holiday sampler so I didn't jump into the fairy tale one, but it looks so cute!