22 January 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

This week has consisted of many late nights with a baby who apparently thinks that midnight is an appropriate bedtime. The nice thing about it is that she only wakes once during the night. When she was getting to bed earlier she'd wake more & it was a bigger fight to get her back to sleep again. She's like the Energizer bunny and just goes forever (or until she can barely keep her eyes open). She naps well during the day so I know she's getting plenty of rest.

But because of Ruby's late night parties I haven't had a chance for much stitching recently, but I have done a little. I've put a few more rows on my mom's Rocky Coast cardigan.

Finishing my sister's socks rekindled my love of sock
knitting so I pulled out a year old WiP and hope to have some new merino/cashmere blend socks in another week or two.

I also finished the top to Ruby's Briar Rose Rainbow Quilt. It was such a fast pattern to put together and looks great. Rae (Made by Rae) designed the quilt and it showcases Heather Ross' fabrics perfectly!

I will be tying it with perle cotton for now, but may eventually hand quilt it thanks to Katherine's suggestion. :-)

With all these WiPs I have going I hope to be able to show you some finished projects soon. Thanks for letting me share!


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