02 March 2014

Ruby's Spring Catnap Dress

A few weeks ago I discovered that my favorite fabric designer, Lizzy House, was hosting a dress making contest in her newest line, Catnap. I had just done a fabric swap with Maggie (@legs_benedict) and had a 1/2 yd of butterflies & fat quarter of playing cats that needed the perfect project.

It started with a simple sketch (well, more of a doodle really). I decided that I wanted to do as much handstitching as possible so I pulled out my copy of "Handsewn" by Margaret Rowan to get tips on smocking and buttonholes.

I did serge the edges and machine stitch the hems to give the dress a clean look. Then I went searching online for a tutorial for hand pleating. I found Marie Grace Designs, which was really lucky because now the website seems to be down. :-(

I used the American Honeycomb stitch for the smocking, in two colors. I chose to put the buttons on the front since the skirt (cat) fabric had to be seamed and it drove me crazy to think of that seam being in the front. I think it added a fun little touch to the dress.

I made it big for her to grow into this summer, but unfortunately I made it too big and it won't fit her for another year or so. But at least it is too big and not too small!

It was really fun to design & make this dress and in just a couple weeks too. Thanks Lizzy for the fun challenge! :-)

And thank you for taking a look!


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Phyllis said...

So cute and so wonderfully made! That looks really difficult, but managed it really well. It looks like a dress from one of the posh, expensive children's stores here in Europe, fit for a little princess!