07 March 2014

Back at the Spinning Wheel

Last week I found a new hashtag on IG...#spunday hosted by @threadybear. I haven't spun since Tour de Fleece last summer and even then it was only a bobbin or two. I've been itching to get my wheel out, but I was worried that Ruby would want to play with it too much. Once I saw the #spunday hashtag I knew that it was time to start spinning again.

So I spun...

And spun...

And spun!

And Ruby did great! Her favorite thing is either sitting and watching the wheel turn or standing between my legs to watch me draft the fiber.

In shop news I still have some handspun yarn listed and I just added stitch markers as well. They snag-free markers made with gorgeous book charms & accent beads and fit needles up to US10.5 (6.5mm). And there are lots of "books" to choose from! :-)

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