28 March 2011

Bee Blocks

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This week I finally feel like I've got my sewing mojo back. I have found most of my fabric that I had stashed "in a safe place" for the move. I still have 2 more blocks to make for March, but I feel like I accomplished a lot over the weekend.

Patchwork Square in Square for Casey (Modern Stash Quilting Bee)
I don't really care for pink, purple, or yellow, but those were the colors that were requested. By the time I finished this block I've started loving these colors. It was a fun and easy block to put together.

Liberated Churn Dash block in reds and pinks for Toni (MSQB)
This was my first piecing experience. It was a lot easier than I expected. I don't know why I get so nervous about learning new sewing skills because they always more fun than I make them out to be.

Pinwheel block for Theresa (MSQB)
Theresa's only request was a pinwheel made in spring colors. There are some great pinwheel tutorials out there, but I decided to go with Cherry House Quilts pinwheel designed for the Block-a-palooza.

Improv Log Cabin block for Beth (String Me Along bee)
Beth used this photo as an example and sent us some Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner and solids to play with. I've decided I love improv blocks. It was so much fun to just slice off some fabric and sew it together, then slice off some more, square off one side, and attach the new piece. It went together quickly and I really like the look of it.

And for your entertainment...
Jake got to take Fancy to work on Saturday. They pushed the heifers into a smaller pasture in preparation for calving. I was working around the house when all of a sudden a hear a knock at the door. This is what I found when I opened the door. She easily walked up the 3 porch steps and I think she would have come inside if he had asked. She still only has a handful of rides on her, but she is one good horse! :)


Bree said...

I think I recognize some of the fabric in that pinwheel block, am I right?!

Love your block for Beth, especially the diagonal piecing on your cream/grey strip.

I certainly would have been surprised to open the door to a horse! :)

Kelly Irene said...

All of your blocks look really good. I've been enjoying learning some new techniques as well with each block!
That cracks me up that Jake brought the horse to the door; thanks for sharing the picture!