16 October 2011

The Sewing Summit

Well, I made it to The Sewing Summit! I got a little worried when I hit snow outside of Rock Springs & it didn't let up until I came down out of the mountains into Salt Lake City, but I made it! The snow put me a little behind schedule for picking up my awesome roommate, Rachel, from the airport, but she didn't have to wait long.

View from our room. Most of the weekend the mountains were covered by the storm.

I had an amazing time & look forward to more Sewing Summits in the future. It's already becoming a dream in my memory especially since I didn't take nearly enough pictures. But I did get a few. Enjoy!!

Some of the first people I met in the lobby were Bari J & Suzy. They are the sweetest ladies & I had a great time hanging out with them throughout the weekend, especially Saturday night in the BabyLock sewing room. Sadly I didn't get a picture with Suzy, they had to leave before the goodbyes on Sunday, but hopefully I'll get to see her again soon. :)

With Bari

Friday was early check-in and then the shop hop. 50 of us climbed onto a chartered bus and visited 3 different quilt shops. I found some great stuff (more on that later)! After the shop hop we climbed into my Jeep & a few of us went to Blazing Needles yarn shop. My new friend, Jacey, taught Rachel & I about the different weights of yarn and helped me pick out a beautiful rose colored skein of malabrigo. That night at the open sewing session she taught me the knit & purl stitches.

Saturday was class day. I learned a lot of fun techniques from each of the classes. We also had 2 classes before goodbyes on Sunday.

Tailoring by Hand with Gertie

Marvelous Minis with Amanda

And I met some amazing women!!

Me & Chris. Such a sweetheart.

With Amanda.

I was super nervous to meet her, but she is just as sweet in person as she is on Twitter. Everyone was! It was so wonderful to be a part of this amazing experience.

Busty Larue. She's awesome!

With Jana. I think she was trying not to laugh.

She & Jen were a couple more who were at our crazy Saturday night sewing party.

Some of my favorite gals & more from the Saturday night crew. Jill, Rachel, Jacey, & Me

Amy & Erin, the fabulous TSS founders

All I can say is that there was lots of stitching, cracking jokes to the point of tears, & maybe a little rum involved in a wonderful weekend!!

And between swag & purchases I came home with a lot more than what I arrived with!

Beautiful weather Sunday for the drive home.

* Sorry about all the pictures of me. I had to prove to Jake that I actually met and befriended these women, not just snapped a random picture of them as they walked past. :)


Jake said...

I'm so happy you went and had such a great time, and got to meet all those wonderful talented people. But your still the most talented person I know :)

Jacey said...

Yay! I am so glad we met, Sharon. You're awesome! And I love our fun group!! Keep up the knitting. You're doing so well!

badlandsquilts said...

What fun! (though the snow part doesn't sound fun!) Maybe next year it'll be a different weekend that hunting opener here and I can go!

Kristina said...

Looks like SO much fun! Can't wait to go next year. Thank you for reporting back!!

Selina Marie said...

Aww! Looks like you had so much fun. I can't wait for next year. Fingers crossed that hubs approves! =)

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to go, have fun, and make friends with so many people with common interests. (Loved the pics with you in them.) Sally

Heide said...

Looks so fun! Glad you had such a great time! XO

Suzy-Homemaker said...

So blessed to have met you, I cannot wait for the next time we get to sew together!

Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous! But so glad you had a fab time. What a delicious haul too.