26 October 2011

For the Love of Autumn

Two posts in one day?! Crazy, I know. But I remembered a cowl that I crocheted last week that I wanted to enter into Rachel's Celebrate Color party.

Celebrate Color

But more on that in a minute. I wanted to share some non-stitchy fall color celebration first.

I love the way the autumn sun lights up the prairie.

We made a jack-o-lantern the other day, but I only bought one pumpkin. So we decided to make a 2-faced one!

Doesn't he make a great jack-o-lantern??

Cutting up my side.

Jake's side.

My side.

We cut these guys a couple weeks ago so they've already gotten soggy and got thrown into the burn barrel the other day. I still have some mini pumpkins on the table & we'll probably carve another one this weekend for Halloween. :D

The other day we went out into the back pasture to get the horses because Jake needed to take them down to the boss' house for shipping time. The horses like to hang out in the back corner of the pasture so it was about a mile & a half out and back. That's not that bad of a distance on the road, but when you're following cow trails it's a little rougher. Luckily the horses came right up to us & trailed back to the house no problem. The dogs had a great time too!

Our pups playing in the grass.

My tailgater, Fancy.

And now for my first cowl...

This was my first experience with working in rounds. The first time I started it I got it twisted. It took me about 4 rows to figure that out. So I ripped it all out. Next I couldn't figure out how to join each round without increasing the number of stitches. I ripped about twice as much as I stitched, but after 2/3 finished I still had increased by 10+ stitches and the joins looked TERRIBLE! At the Sewing Summit Rachel had a do. Good Stitches bee meet-up with a crochet lesson/session. I really wanted to learn about the bee so this was the perfect opportunity to do that and also get some help with my cowl. The fabulous Suzy helped me figure out where my mistakes were and I ripped the entire thing out and started again. After zillions of stitches I think I finally figured it out.

And here it is! Please excuse the terrible self-portraits. :)

Wide enough to be worn as a hood.

This is definitely my favorite way to wear this. Now I just need to find a cute pin that coordinates.

And just for the fun of it...

Sunrise the other morning. I love the jagged rays in the clouds.


Suzy-Homemaker said...

I love seeing your pictures of the prairie!!
And thank you for the credit that wasn't due, you figured it out all by yourself (okay Jerry helped a little ;) )

The cowl is gorgeous and now you've encouraged me to make one.

CreationsForEleanor said...

As always I will just live my life vicariously thru yours! Love the pumpkins, we don't carve ours because E thinks it is mean....since she is 5 I let it go:) Scarf looks great!!!

Jacey said...

I love that you and Jake shared a pumpkin! And your new cowl is lovely!!

Mooberry Farmwife said...

I really like your cowl! I enjoy crochet, too but have not made a cowl before. I'll have to give it a try!