14 March 2012

WiP Wednesday

I haven't been sewing much lately, mostly knitting, but I did finish Jake's quilt this week! Go here if you'd like to see it.

I cast on his socks a couple nights ago and made quite a bit of progress on it today.

Jake's Winter Wheat sock #1.

It's now about twice this length, this picture was taken earlier this afternoon.

T for Tuckey

This monogram will be joining our new print. I also found an old window frame in a small dump (from previous owners) near the arena. I washed it off and am trying to decide exactly what to do with it, but I'm sure it'll become part of the collage as well. Maybe some wonky stars or something. We'll see. :)

Another WiP for me is eating healthier. I love fruits & veggies, but we don't eat them near as often as we should. Jake would disagree, but it's true.

Bountiful Baskets recently arrived in Lusk and the above is our first basket. We've eaten much of it already and have found some delicious new recipes in the process. Saturday is the next pick up & I'm very excited to see what we get this time.

Some new yarn I picked up in Casper over the weekend. They too will become socks!

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Jacey said...

The produce looks delicious! Also, I love Shibui sock yarn. It's so lovely!

Nana said...

I really like your blog and surely will be back.

Nana from Germany