28 January 2013

Stash Blaster: Week 4

I have been a bit uninspired this past week.  Maybe "uninspired" is the wrong word...more like "tired and hurting".  Overall I am truly enjoying the pregnancy, but the heartburn, difficulty sleeping, swollen hands, & general exhaustion are starting to take its toll.  I had my 30 week appointment on Friday and while my doctor was trying to time the heartbeat we laughed about how Baby was one of her most active patients ever!  So I guess the nickname Wiggles, which I gave him/her a few weeks ago, is pretty accurate.  ;)

It's fun to try to predict Baby's gender; last week I was convinced it was a girl, this week (and through most of my pregnancy) - a boy.  I also enjoy watching Wiggles push against my skin when moving around, and I can't wait to play with those little toes and fingers!

30w3d.  I didn't realize how big we'd gotten until seeing today's pictures!

It's REALLY starting to set it that there is going to be another person in our family in just a few short weeks!  We've been working on decluttering the house and garage on the weekends to make room and I've started washing and putting away things in preparation. And hopefully soon we'll have space to move the crib out of the living room and into the bedroom where it belongs!

Heirloom crocheted blankets made by Jake's grandma, AMH flannel blanket (red & orange) by Melanie,  animal flannel blanket from my awesome Sewing Summit roomie Janice.  All washed and ready for Baby!

As far as this week's Stash Blaster project:

Luckily I had a WiP that I started a couple weeks ago that I was very excited to finish. I've been working on a pattern for a chevron cowl and until now have been using 1 skein of chunky yarn to test it. I decided I also wanted a longer cowl that I could double around my neck made with worsted weight. So I went through my stash and found 2 skeins of Madeline Tosh 80/10/10 (MCN) worsted in Honorine.

Chevron cowl - pattern coming soon!

Honorine is a gorgeous (and rare) color that reminds me of the grape scented marker I used as a child.  I kept imagining I was smelling grape while I was knitting this up.  This was my first time knitting with this base and it was a wonderful experience.  The 10% cashmere really steps up the luxury of this yarn! 

It's time for you to link up your finished projects from the past week.  Remember, all linked projects from January will be entered into a giveaway drawing next Monday!


Kristina said...

You look terrific Sharon! I'm so excited for you!!!

Mandy said...

You do look terrific!

And the cowl, as I have said before, is soooo lovely!!!! Cowls always scare me because of the number of cast on stitches! hah!

Lisa said...

Hello! I happened on your blog this evening. Congratulations on your pregnancy. You look radiant! I had terrible heartburn with most of my babies, too. I love your cowl. Beautiful color!