29 January 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

This winter has been a weird one.  And I know many of you are experiencing similar extreme weather fluctuations too.

Sunday was in the 50s here, which is unseasonably warm, so we spent some time outside enjoying the sunshine.

Jake practicing on the roping dummy

Festus and Lotte soaking up the sunshine

Cord being Cord

Most of the drifts have become runoff.  It sure is nice to see some water in this dry country!

But not ALL the drifts are gone!

If you look closely you can see the drift is still almost as tall as our picnic table
(left, just below the white handrail)

El Gato

Yesterday the snow and cold came back.  I love this weather, but when it gets too cold I get to take refuge inside our nice warm home.

Sometimes I feel bad for the horses out in the cold, but they could go into the barn if they wanted.  So don't feel too sorry for them!

Hanging out in the snow



Sally said...

Thanks for posting all of the pics, you got some real nice ones.

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

I don't mind the snow, but have really grown to detest the frigid temps....hope you are inside and warm today! Spring will be such a great time for Baby Tuckey to arrive!

Scrapatches said...

Hello ... I wandered onto your blog via a link on a post linked to WIP Wednesday and am enjoying your pictures so I have become a new follower so I can find my way back. Have a happy quilty day ... :) Pat

Kristina said...

I hear ya Sharon. The weather in Denver has been SO odd. It was springlike -- no jacket weather -- and then freezing. I am just glad it's snowing and not dry and cold, like it's been back east. That is miserable to me -- cold, dry and grey. Yuck! I love these photos of the ranch, especially your sweet horse!!

Fort Western Stores said...

Great pictures! Can't believe the snow just blew back through this week. Our snow drifts are back to giant sized.