17 February 2013

Sunday Brunch is Back!

I don't know if any of my old followers are still around or not, but I used to do a post called Sunday Brunch where I'd share a favorite recipe that I made that week.  Looking back through my archives I just realized that it's been over a year (where the heck did 2012 go?!?) since I last shared my love of cooking on my blog.

I've missed those posts, and hopefully you have too, so I've decided to bring them back.

This is what I've been cooking the past couple weeks...

Dijon-crusted chicken with a butter & parmesan pasta

Steak & potato skillet

Cubed Steak Italiano (the veggies are part of the recipe) with Italian pasta and avocado

Huevos Rancheros

Hamburger Steak

Ground beef tacos

Beef & Spinach Lo Mein (with broccoli instead of spinach)

Meatloaf and sauteed bok choy

If you followed any of the recipe links above you probably noticed that they all are from Taste of Home.  I love my ToH cookbook because they have delicious, easy meals and use ingredients that you can actually find in rural America, where speciality markets don't exist.  I've also heard good things about America's Test Kitchen, I'm just not sure which cookbook to try.

What are your favorite recipes and/or cookbooks?

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Mandy said...

Can I move in with you, just for the food? :)