24 January 2011

CSN Stores Review: Coming Soon!

I was recently invited to do a review for CSN Stores. I hadn't heard much about them, but I have seen them mentioned out there in the blog world. So I visited a couple of their websites (they have over 200!) and I decided it would be a wonderful opportunity to help promote an online business and hopefully get more readers. (Some days I feel like I'm just talking to myself, which I do already.) I don't know what sort of product I'll get to review, maybe it will be some modern furniture. Who knows. I just know it will be fun.
And since I love to share (it is part of my name and all), I'm hoping there will be giveaways in the future as well.
So stayed tuned.


Sally said...

Sounds like fun. Hope you get a cool product;-)

dennisranch said...

I'm tuned!

Bree said...

Can't wait to see what you get to review. If you get to recommend anybody, I'd love a chance to do one as well...hint, hint... ;)