22 July 2011

Fave 5 Friday

Today's Fave 5 Friday is dedicated to the Stagecoach Museum in Lusk, Wyoming. Last Saturday Jake actually had the day off so we decided to go into town and wander around a bit. Lusk only has a population of about 1500, but there are some fun things to look at in the downtown area. Our favorite stop for the day was the museum.

Cheyenne to Deadwood coach. Sat up to 16! people.

Would you wear a buffalo coat?...Or maybe a horse hair coat? :)

I am obsessed with this block right now & I love this antique quilt.

They have found many dinosaur bones in the area. This is a fossil/iron skeleton.

The old school house.

Does anyone know what this is? It did not have a label.

Or this? I found this thing in my house yesterday. I smashed it with a boot, but the thing was FAST! I was worried I wouldn't get it. The thing is creepy looking and I'd really like to know what was crawling around house so if anyone knows what it might be please let me know.

***UPDATE: Thanks for the comments about the creature above. I sent an email to the University of Wyoming Entomology department yesterday and it is, in fact, a Sun Spider/Wind Scorpion/Solpugid. It is technically neither a spider nor a scorpion, but a relative of both. It's not poisonous (phew!) & can have very fast bursts of speed (53 cm/sec!?!). Thanks again for your help!***


Laura said...

It looks like a scorpion. We get them occasionally too.

MamaTea said...

I was going to say scorpion too, but I don't know because we don't have there here. I would have freaked out a bit if I saw that crawling around, and I don't usually mind bugs!

What a neat trip you took! I can't believe that coach sat 16 people! And that quilt block is beautiful. :)

Colleen said...

My friend, I do beleive that is some sort of Camel Spider - or wind scorpion... I'm pretty sure you have them in WY. I think they only get to 1-2 inches long in the states. Don't get bit by one - they aren't poisonous as far as I know, but the bites HURT!!!!
That stage coach fit 16 people? Can you imagine what an uncomfortable ride that must have been? Or how heavy those coats were?