24 July 2011

Sunday Brunch

Today I'm going to share with you a "recipe" I created that is my version of a delicious meal I ate at Olive Garden a few months ago. I do not remember what is was called, but it's a fettuccine alfredo with balsamic steak so that's what I'm calling my recipe.*

Balsamic Steak Fettuccine Alfredo

Get your favorite cut of steak for grilling.

Spice it as you normally would. We use garlic powder, salt, pepper, and a little Lawry's seasoning. Then cover with a balsamic cream, like Emiliani Balsamic Cream. If you can't find a balsamic cream I'm sure balsamic vinegar would work just fine. Season both sides and grill.

While your steak is on the grill make your alfredo sauce. This is my go to recipe. Delicious! If you have not made sauces before it is very easy, thicken your sauce to a little thinner than you would like. The sauce will continue to thicken slightly once it has been taken off heat.

I like a little kick in my alfredo sauce so I added some cayenne and black pepper. I prefer white pepper because the black pepper looks like little bugs in the sauce, but we were out of white pepper and this is what we had.

Boil & drain your fettuccine noodles. Rinse with cold water to keep the noodles from sticking together. The alfredo sauce recipe I use is perfect for half a box (8 oz?) of noodles.

Pull your steak off the grill when it has reached your preferred done-ness.

Toss the sauce in with the noodles and reheat if your sauce sat for a few minutes.

Cut up your steak into bite size pieces. Add to the pasta. Drizzle with more balsamic cream & top with parmesan, or other italian cheeses.

Enjoy with a delicious salad!

We have made this meal twice now & both times it has come out so wonderful! If you try this recipe I'd love to hear how it goes for you. :)

*When I create my own recipes I do not measure. I use a little of this and a little of that. I taste often as I cook to make sure I have the right balance.


MamaTea said...

So...um...what time is supper, and how do I get to your place? ;) Looks fabulous!!

Kristen said...

This sounds fabulous!!! I can't wait to try it!

Bree said...

Looks good! Your comment about the black pepper looking like bugs made me chuckle. I never thought about it like that & hope you were still able to enjoy it. :)

CreationsForEleanor said...

so excited, although now I will buy white pepper so that I don't have little bugs in my sauce:) Thanks for sharing so quickly

Farmchick said...

That looks fantastic!! I cook like you....no measuring involved. I had a hard time when first starting my blog...I had to measure things to write them down!! Hope you can stop over and and say hi. :)