20 July 2011

WIP Wednesday

Today, most of my WIP Wednesday post is over at my LQS' (Local Quilt Shop) new blog. The blog itself is a work in progress. And the sample quilt for the brick & mortar portion of the shop is a WIP, as well.

I will share one other (non-sewing) WIP I have:

My first radish harvest! This is only about 1/3 of the crop, the others are still growing.

I didn't plant much this year because my garden last year was pretty unsuccessful, but I did plant radishes, carrots (think the seeds were duds), onions, and zucchini. I was told not to plant until after Memorial Day weekend because there is always one last spring snow (May 19th, this year). I finally planted in the middle of June, but my crops seem to be doing pretty well & hopefully those zucchini will start flowering soon. :)

Please be sure to stop by Freshly Pieced to see the other WIP's for the week, as well.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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Kelly Irene said...

I am not a fan of store-bought radishes in general, but fresh from the garden radishes = YUMMY! Good job growing a garden! I'm hoping that next season we will be in a more stable place and be able to plant. I could have this year, but during planting time, I thought we would moving this month or next :)
I'll be {jealously} thinking about your radishes all day now ;)