31 July 2011

Sunday Brunch

Several weeks ago Jake decided that he wanted Huevos Rancheros for our Sunday morning meal. I've never had it before so I Googled it to find a recipe. All the recipes I found were very intricate & took about 45 minutes to make. I decided if I was going to make it we would have to simplify.

Plus Jake always remembered it being served with chili, & none of the recipes I found included that.

Since then I have made it several times since then and it is always fabulous!

Here is our version of Huevos Rancheros.

Brown your corn tortillas in a small layer of olive oil.

Heat your favorite chili.

Fry your eggs to your preferred done-ness.

Gather your fixin's. Those green onions & cilantro came from my garden. Yum!

Layer your eggs on your tortilla(s), add chili, and other delicious goodies. I also had some spanish rice in the fridge that I had made a few days ago so I added that as well. Top with salsa.


Add some crafty eye candy...

More sketchbooks for some of my favorite peeps. The book on the right, I cut the corners too close so I had to add the grey polka dots to finish covering the padding & board.

I've been thinking of a selling some of my books & jewelry for quite a while now and decided I needed a brand. I thought of many more detailed brands, but then I thought I'd go simple. Living in ranching communities for many years now have helped me appreciate the simpler things & I love the look of the cattle brands. I also thought this would be very easy to stitch up in many different ways.

My one concern is that someone is already using a similar brand. I searched online, but did not find anything. What do you think of my A Prairie Sunrise brand? Have you seen similar ones out there? Thanks so much for your help!


stephmabry said...

I like the little logo! :)

Selina Marie said...

Hey! That's my book! I love they grey polka dot on the corners. I think a logo is very good idea and I think the one you chose is totally fitting for you!

Bree said...

I like the polka dots on the corners - happy mistake!

Your brand/logo looks perfect, and I don't think I've seen anything similar around.

Mary said...

Thanks for breaking down Huevos Rancheros. Things with fancy non-English names always freak me out (yep, didn't even know what it was til I read this). Great way to use leftover chili or beans & rice!

Your logo is perfect :)