13 February 2012

Knitting - A Big Finish & A Plan

I shared with you my first sock a couple of weeks ago and then I had to take a break from them because I wasn't used to knitting with such small needles/yarn.

Last week (or so) I cast on the second sock, because what's the point in having only one sock. To be honest I was kind of dreading it. The first sock took forever & I wanted to just be done.

The second sock took no time at all. I knew (mostly) what I was doing and my knitting has gotten much faster. I did get stuck at the gusset, but Kayanna once again came to my rescue with a quick response on Twitter.

By yesterday afternoon I had a new pair of socks!!

And they fit perfectly!

I had such an enjoyable time with the second sock that I bought some more sock yarn when we were in Torrington on Saturday for the gun show. I've rolled it up & begun the swatch.

This yarn (truer color in the picture below) will become a pair of Kalajoki socks. Kayanna & I will be knitting along together and we'll be starting once she finishes another pair that she is working on. If anyone else would like to join us just tweet your progress with a #kalajoki hashtag so we can all see! :D

If you don't do Twitter leave a comment below. If there's enough interest maybe we can start a Flickr group, or something.

While at the LYS in Torrington I also picked up a couple skeins of some beautiful Brown Sheep yarn. I just went in for some Soak & all these yarns just jumped into my arms! I have no idea how it happened!!

Aren't they beautiful??

I don't have a set plan for them yet, but I do have a couple ideas. We'll see...


Selina Marie said...

Great job on your socks! I really want to learn, but sock knitting intimidates me a lot. Love the yarns you got, that one looks so silky! Is it just a trick of the camera or is it really like that? It's reminds me of a giant skein of embroidery floss =)

Angie said...

I'm so jealous of your socks!! Socks are *the* reason I have started knitting, but I have yet to try a pair. I may check out this pattern and jump in.

Jacey said...

Your first socks! Congratulations, Sharon! I'm so excited for you. It's funny how more yarn just happens to land in your shopping cart. ;)