12 November 2012

19 1/2 Weeks

It's been several weeks since our last baby bump pictures.  I honestly didn't think we had grown much, but looking back obviously there's been quite a change in the past couple months.

Sun reflecting off snow on the ground makes for squinty eyed pictures

Wednesday is my 20 week appointment & ultrasound, where we may or may not (probably not) find out the gender of the munchkin.

I say "probably not" because I prefer bright gender neutral colors over pink and blue, and am worried that I'll get into that boy/girl mindset if we find out.  I've decided to use the rest of my pile of Stitch Organic (used below for a Holiday in London duffle) for the bedding & nursery accessories.  There will also be maps and a mythical creature or two around the room as well.

Holiday in London duffle, pattern by Bari J using Stitch Organic fabric by Betz White

I have lots of green, orange, brown, & raspberry yarns for clothing and toys.  Yesterday I cast on a Young Einstein cardigan using MadTosh LEDK in Deco Green.  Since it'll be early spring when the Jelly Bean arrives I like the idea of having a couple wool sweaters for picture time!  :)


Laura Jane said...

Looking super cute there Lady!

ScissorsandThread said...

You look great, love the colours. I didn't find out either & am planning white & bright primary colours for nursery.

Tsoniki said...

You look great! I love the Stitch line, so I think that is a fantastic choice for a baby's room!