13 November 2012

Make it With Wool

Have you heard about the Make it With Wool Competition?  It's a national all-ages competition to promote the use of wool fabrics & yarns and encourage the handmade arts.

There's even a "made for others" & "designer" category.  Or you can enter your wool accessories and housewares.  Anything made from wool!

Sorry for the dark pictures, the lighting in the room was terrible!

Niobrara County entries

Each participant also received a 2 1/2 yd piece of gorgeous Pendleton wool!  Many of this year's entries were made from prize wool from previous years.

One of my favorite outfits was this shawl/skirt set.  Fringe can often go so wrong, but I think she did a beautiful job.  And matching the plaids on a pleated skirt?  Amazing!

I LOVE this cape!  The blue buttons & hand dyed lining really make this garment extra special.

My entry was the Miette cardi I shared a few weeks ago.

When I was talking to the judges about my garment I couldn't tell if they were going to judge it well or not.  They seemed impressed, but I wasn't sure how it would do once they picked apart the construction.  As you can see (below) they loved the look & loved the construction as well.  Or maybe they just didn't want to hurt a pregnant girls feelings.  ;)

Mine was the only knitted garment entry so I automatically am qualified for the state competition, but after the wonderful feedback I received today I hope it does well in a few weeks too.  This is the wool I received!

Flowers on the snack table

Beautiful autumn arrangement

If you like sewing or knitting with wool be sure to contact your local university extension office to get the info for next year's competition.


Jake said...

Congrats!!! Your the best!!

Cindy Durham said...

Hello Jakes wife whose name I do not know. My name is Cindy, I just started following your husbands blog a week or so ago, and he was kind enough to post a link to yours so I shall follow it as well. I also live in WY, but closer to casper.
Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy!
And let me just say that you are one talented young lady! I cannot knit or sew or anything useful like that (I am pretty good at cleaning horse stalls though) but I have much respect for those who can. My mom knits alot. Your sweater is gorgeous!
I think I saw something in one of Jakes posts that you are a quilter as well. Is that right? If so, do you ever sell your quilts? I love quilts, but good ones are so hard to find anymore. They are all factory made.
Anyway, it was nice scrolling through your blog. I hope you don't mind.
cindy herdlife.blogspot.com

Tsoniki said...

Congrats! That is awesome. And can I say, I love reading about stuff like this. I love the midwest (yeah I consider anything west of the west coast the midwest, until about the Mississippi then it is the east LOL practically) and all the things they (we) still do. 4H, and extension offices, and community sponsored things.

And I love pendleton fabric! I have some that I am using to make Christmas stockings. Well I cut them out last year so hopefully I can get them sewn this year. LOL