16 November 2012

Spinning Yarn

Ever since I learned to knit last year I've been interested in spinning too.  Earlier this year I bought a drop spindle & some roving from Brown Sheep.  I got a quick lesson from one of their employees, came home and started spinning.  I loved it, but it just took a really long time to finish!

This summer we went to the state fair and there was a woman demonstrating on her spinning wheel in the quilt building.  Jake got to talking to her while I looked around & when I found him she offered to let me try her wheel for a bit.  I caught the fever!

We looked at wheels online for a few weeks, but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted.  Then I discovered that many shops rent spinning wheels!  At the Scottsbluff fiber fair I rented a SpinOlution Bee Travel Wheel.  It's a nice wheel, but wasn't right for me.  

Kromski Minstrel

I returned that one and rented a Kromski Minstrel instead.  I love it!!  This is definitely the wheel I will be getting, and hopefully Jake will be spinning on it soon too!

I've also found some great indie dyers who come up with beautiful colorways...

The Tenth Doctor from Storied Yarns (left) and Demon from Midnight Designs

Waiting to be plied

The buffalo roving was spun for a shop in Dubois (Wyoming).  It was kinda tricky to spin because of the short kinky fibers, but it was fun.  I hope to be able to sell some of my handspun yarns in the future.  I think it would make for a great SAHM business.  We'll see how it goes!

Buffalo yarn

Roving in my queue


Jake said...

I'm looking forward to you teaching me how to. After all spinning was a man's trade in the old day's. :)

Jacey said...

You're really doing well, Sharon! How exciting! The Minstrel is a lovely choice.

machen und tun said...

I can't believe you learned to knit just last year - you do amazing work with the needles! And now spinning, too, wow! Hope you feel well, take care,