11 November 2012

Our Family

I was cleaning out some pictures off my computer yesterday and came across a ton of old photos I had forgotten about.

Here is a short history of our little family.

Moving to Wyoming, May 2008

When Jake & I moved from California to Wyoming, he and Festus (red heeler/border collie cross) had been best buds for 8 years already.  Festus quickly became my tail and now I can't leave the room for more than 5 seconds without him following me!

Jake's co-pilot

Family of 3, summer 2008

That summer we got Lotte, a blue heeler/kelpie cross.  She was the most friendly & cuddly of the bunch so she came home with us.  She is definitely a daddy's girl and would go to work with Jake every day if she could.

July 2008

Can you tell which dog is from California & which is from Wyoming??

In October 2009 we got married & Jake got me Cord the Corgi as a wedding gift.  Cord's name came about when Jake was cutting up some firewood for the house and Cord kept grabbing the large pieces of cordwood that were breaking off.  Some of the pieces were almost as big as him and watching him play cracked Jake up!

October 2009

Cord has many nicknames including Bullit, he's actually surprisingly fast when we wants to be; The Princess, see picture below (he tucked himself in); and Kitty, because he thinks he's a lap dog but technically the dogs aren't allowed on the furniture.  Though we'll break the rule occasionally because he's fairly small.

Ours dogs are pretty great!  And between their middle of the night "business" breaks & perpetual toddler-like communication I think I'm at least somewhat prepared for the arrival of our little Jelly Bean in April.  I hope the dogs like the new addition!

Summer 2012 photo session





Sally said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the "kids". Does it seem like 4 & 1/2 years ago that you started your new adventures.?

Selina Marie said...

Your doggies are so cute. I love them!