26 April 2011

Pincushion Tutorial for Fabric Tuesday

I am new to the virtual swapping world. I have only participated in a few so far, but I'm having a lot of fun creating for others and seeing what they come up with for me. What I've discovered is that my fellow swappers are very generous people. Not only do they send gorgeous items like this and this. But often times I'll find extra goodies in the package as well.

I've started sending handmade needlebooks along with the swap, but the other night I got a brilliant idea to make fun little candy shaped pincushions made from charm squares. I designed it all in my head while we were driving home from our roller skating adventure and the next morning I tried it out. Success!

So's here's a quick and easy tutorial for my Wrapped Candy Pincushion.

Choose your charm square. If you cut your own (5" x 5") be sure to pink two opposing sides for the candy wrapper look.

Turn square over so wrong side is up. Fold and press two sides approximately 1/4". I cut the pinking off those two sides because it's less messy and easier for me to work with, but it is not necessary.

Measure and mark a line across the width 1" from each pinked (non-folded) edge.

Cut a piece of embroidery floss so it is slightly longer than the width. Split the floss into two sets of 3 strands and sew and running stitch along both marked lines.

Make sure that one end of your running stitch comes out the bottom and the other end comes out the top so that the strings match up when you pull them tight to tie closed. Also, be sure that the top and bottom are stitched the same.

Pull one end tight and tie closed with a square knot. Clip excess thread. Cut another piece of embroidery floss and split this into two sets of 3 strands as well. Put one set aside for your next Wrapped Candy Pincushion.
Thread the other set through your needle and tie a knot in the end of this piece. From the inside of the "wrapper" bring your needle up where you tied your knot. Continue to overlap your pressed edges and stitch a running stitch until you have reached the other (width-wise) thread.

Stuff the middle with your favorite fiberfill.

Pull the other end of the "wrapper" tight and tie. Be sure to tie the other end of the lengthwise running stitch in when you tie off the "wrapper."

Make several and throw them in a small bowl for a colorful display.

*This pincushion is an original idea and creation of Sharon Tuckey. Please use for personal use only. Do not use any photos from my blog without permission.*

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Jacqueline said...

SUPER CUTE! And being made tonight!! Thanks, love!!

Leanne said...

What a cute pincushion!

Laine from JustPlainLaine.com said...

So cute! I want a bowl of them.

Mary said...

Mmm candy... probably wouldn't want to eat those though! Thanks for the tutorial - I see a couple of these little guys in my future!

A Girl said...

Super Cute!

Jessica said...

That is so cool! You clever girl!

Amy said...

I am maling pincushions for my swap buddies.. I think they may need one of these also.. thanks for sharing,Amy

MamaTea said...

Ooh! Those are cute! And I love the tutorial - even someone who is sewing challenged can follow along! Thanks!

Bree said...

Adorable! That's such a great idea, especially with the fabrics you chose. They really do looked like wrapped candy.