22 April 2011

Sis Boom Jaime Dress Sew Along

A few weeks ago the lovely Sara of Sew Sweetness decided to host a sew along with Sis Boom's Jaime Dress. I haven't made any clothes for myself in a few months and I decided I needed a new dress for Easter and my sister's graduation next month so I signed up to play along.

I was a little worried since I waited until this week to start it and with Easter being on Sunday I wasn't sure if I'd get it finished or not. Well, I sat down late Wednesday afternoon to start cutting all the pieces and by midnight that same night the dress was complete except for the hem! I had cut the skirt pieces a little long "just in case," but when I tried it on with the hem pinned I realized that it needed to be a bit shorter.

Because of the angle of the photos the dress looks longer than it actually is. With the right hem it hits right at the knee and is perfect where it is. (I'll have Jake take better pictures this weekend.)

I didn't change a thing with from the pattern. I went with the size I measured for, since my bust was on the small end of the scale for that size. I thought about adding a back to the waistband, but since I have kind of a big booty I didn't want to add any extra bulk to the back. I know many other participants didn't like the gathers on the skirt, but I like them because they help hide my tummy a bit.

This was my first zipper (besides the terrible one I struggled through on Jake's insulated bibs, don't ask). I'm not usually a fan of glue and sewing, but I think it did help keep the zipper on straighter as I sewed.

I loved the construction of this dress and the ease of the directions. All the pictures really helped too. I will definitely be making this dress again. You can never have too many summer dresses. :)

And since you can kind of see our bed in the background I thought I'd share the most fabulous quilt ever. Made by Jake's Aunt Leigh, who is the one who taught me how to quilt, as a wedding gift. Thanks a million, Leigh!


Jake said...

What did you say??? You wanted to fix my bibs again? Gee thanks honey.

My Sweet Prairie said...

you should really blog more, because i like coming here. ; )
Love the pillows by the way!


Mary said...

love the dress! congrats on a successful zipper :) have a great easter!

Jessica said...

What fabric is that? Super pretty! And congrats on the zipper!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

I love your dress (I'm sorry I didn't comment on it sooner...it's been hectic around here)! I am happy that it fits so wonderful, it looks great on you! Thank you so much for participating in the sew along!

And guess what...you won a prize! Please let me know your e-mail address and I'll pass it along to Jennifer Paganelli!

Bree said...

Your dress looks great! I'm so glad you were able to get it done for this weekend!

And that quilt really is amazing!

I agree, you need to blog more. ;)

Penny Ann said...

I'm a relative newcomer to your blog, finding you just before your recent move, but love what I see from recipes to the wonderful visual inspiration. Makes me want to claim sewing as a hobby once more!

Love your dress. I think it's very flattering on you.