24 April 2011

Sunday Brunch

Earlier this week I realized that I haven't posted a Sunday Brunch in several weeks. I'm starting to think I should have named these posts Sunday Dinner since I tend to cook more dinners than breakfasts, but that's neither here nor there. :)

Lately, I've been cooking with a lot of Mediterranean-style ingredients. More specifically olives and whatever else I have in the cupboard at the time.

Today I've got a Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta to share with you. Enjoy!

Gather your ingredients.

As I've mentioned before, I don't measure or time my cooking (unless I'm baking or following someone else's recipe). For the sauce I use about a glass of milk and a couple spoonfuls of pesto. It varies depending on how pesto-y or creamy I want the sauce. You could also use cream or buttermilk for added creamy-ness.

Reduce milk & pesto to desired consistency. The sauce will continue to reduce a little after you have turned off the heat. I prefer a thicker sauce so I simmer it for about 30 minutes or so.

Chop onions and garlic.

Saute your main ingredients. I use a first press evoo for a more flavorful experience. (I refuse to use Canola oil anymore, someday I'll tell you my issues with that unnatural oil.)

Cook your chicken first, until it's mostly cooked through. Add onion and garlic and continue to saute until chicken is done. Add mushrooms and olives and whatever other ingredients you choose to use. A couple ideas would be artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers.

Add sauce to chicken mixture.

Stir sauce in and let simmer for a couple minutes longer.

Serve over noodles. Yum! Yum!

In other news, Jake & I drove down to Cheyenne and went roller skating yesterday. What an adventure that was! More on that tomorrow. :)


Bree said...

YUM! That looks really good, I'm going to have to keep that in mind.

MamaTea said...

I love the way you "measure" in your cooking. And the roller skating adventure? Can't wait to hear about it!!!!