28 April 2011

Sewing Room is Done! And a Call For Donations

Well, the embarrassment of showing off my sewing room yesterday and the impending visit of my father-in-law this weekend really helped me to get things set up and ready for some real sewing. Of course, I've been sewing since we moved in, but I hate working in a cluttered work area. And boy was it cluttered!

I'd been saving old and thrifted clothes to cut up and make into other things, but since we have such limited storage space here I decided instead to donate most of it to the victims of the terrible storms that have been ravaging the south lately.

My friend and Sewing Summit roomie, Rachel, is collecting donations for people whose homes were destroyed by tornadoes. If you have anything that you'd like to donate (quilts, clothes, unused toiletries, anything) let me know or contact Rachel directly on Twitter.

Back to my sewing room... You can click here to see how it looked yesterday. And here's how it looks today.

My sewing/cutting/ironing station stayed virtually the same, just neater. And now you can see my fabric bin too.

I decided that the big TV took up too much room so I put it in Jake's leather room and replaced it with a cozy chair for my hand sewing corner.

Then I took the little TV that Jake had and put it in the corner by the closet. Now I can only watch VHS, but if I really need to watch a DVD while sewing I can set up the computer and watch on that. :)

I even got the closet organized.

Now I'm ready to do some serious sewing!


My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh what is with the weather!? I heard there was an earthquake in MONTANA!?? Near old faithful??? gosh. We've had four thunderstorms in three days, with clear sunny sky between each storm. WEIRD.

have a great weekend!

Kelly Irene said...

Your sewing room looks great! I hope you get plenty of time to enjoy it :)

Bree said...

Wow, that was quick!

Jessica said...

I love your chair for cozying up with some hand sewing!

Jake said...

Yea MY chair looks good in there huh? Hehe