25 April 2011

Roller Skating Adventure

As I mentioned yesterday, Jake & I went roller skating over the weekend. Jake was a tween the last time he went skating and I can't remember the last time I had a pair of skates on. I do know that I was still a gymnast at the time, so skating was fun, not exercise!

Roller City, Cheyenne

Entrance hallway.

Roller rinks have NOT changed a bit! It's pretty amazing (and kinda gross) to think of how many people have had these boots on their feet over the years.

Funky party ceiling.

The game room. Check out the amazing paint job! You can't tell, but on the left behind the air hockey is a Baywatch pinball machine. Too funny!

This is what Jake looked like most of the evening. The tongue sticking out helps keep his balance better. :)

After a while we got the hang of it.

This is Jake's boss. I could have played with the exposure a bit, but this picture cracks me up because all you can really see are his wheels and his day-glo wild rag.

After the roller skating adventure Jake & I drove around Cheyenne a bit. We drove through downtown and stopped by the old train depot. The buildings in that part of town are just AMAZING!

Then we went to mall side of town and ate dinner at the Olive Garden before making the 2 hour trek back home. It was definitely a fabulous date night with my cowboy!


Jessica said...

It has been so long since I've been skating. Sounds like you had a fun time!
I followed your link to Jakes blog yesterday, and thought "WOW, I could have used his header picture for your mug rug silhouette"!

My Sweet Prairie said...

WOw fun! We had a roller rink in my home town. I remember Journey, the Cars, Loverboy, Blondie... lol

Bree said...

Fun! Nick & I went roller skating for one of our dates early on.

I've been to that store in Cheyenne!