01 September 2011

Fave 5 Friday

Sewing Fun!

I don't think I've shared this with you yet. I made this picture holder wall hanging for my friend Bree who just had a handsome little boy last month. The beads in the lower left say "Goose" which is what they called him while she was pregnant.

I also made her this really cool Obi Wrap (from the One Yard Wonders book) with a scented rice bag. I used lavender & rosemary essential oils to scent the rice.

Another amazing quilt from the Neversweat Needler's Quilt Show in Dubois, Wy.

An awesome pillowcase I made with Heather Ross' Far Far Away III.

Close up of the band.

And for you foodies... homemade walnut pesto. YUM!

Fave 5 Friday link party:

Post your 5 favorite pictures from the last week (or so) & link up here. Easy peasy!

I still haven't figured out the button completely, but if you would like you may use the Fave 5 Friday picture I have at the top of the post. Just be sure to link the picture to this post.


Selina Marie said...

I LOVE that pillowcase! Heather Ross fabrics are definitely some of my favorites. And that pesto looks delicious. Yummy!

Lindsay Conner said...

Hi! I am trading the Flutterby charm pack if you have any suggestions. Also, I saw your cute Obi wrap from One Yard Wonders. You should write up a new post and link up to Craft Book Month! (http://www.craftbuds.com/september-is-craft-book-month/)