22 September 2011

WIP Wednesday...on Thursday

So I wrote this yesterday and then forgot to post it. So here's my WIP Wednesday post...on Thursday.

The ranch my husband, Jake, works for is primarily a cattle/hay operation, but they also outfit for hunters throughout the year. They guide for deer, antelope, buffalo, elk, pheasants, coyote, & picket pens (prairie dogs).

So I decided that Jake needed a camo shirt to look "legit" for the hunters. I found a camo t-shirt fabric on sale at Joann's. I can't remember what pattern I used, it's a baseball tee style pajama top. The problem with finding shirts for Jake is that he's tall & super skinny. He has a long body & long arms so I added approx. 6"(!) to the lengths when I cut. I didn't hem the bottom because I was tired of fighting from the sleeve hems, but he tucks his shirts in anyway so it doesn't really matter. He also had Popeye arms so I had to let out the seam in the forearms about 1/4". For all the alterations I had to make it doesn't look too bad, if I do say so myself. :)

Showing off his bobcat.

Now he's just showing off, but isn't that a beautiful buck he's pointing at? That's mine. :)

Instead of putting a tag in the back I embroidered my brand right below the back collar. At first I tried to add it directly to the fabric with no additions, but it kept bunching so I cut a small piece of mid-weight fusible interfacing. I ironed that to the inside of the shirt & then it was a piece of cake to embroider.

I've thought & thought on my 3x6 & 4x5 bees forever and finally decided on a block. The problem is it's almost to "simple" of a pattern. Good thing I tried it in my colors first. I'm going to stick with this block, but make 4 smaller ones to add more movement.

Pouch from I Love Patchwork by the very talented Rashida Coleman-Hale. This is the lining. I just have to attach the lining then you can see what it really looks like. ;)

My first large-ish crochet project, a new scarf for winter.

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