26 September 2011

{Sew} Modern Monday

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

It's Monday! Which means it's time for another {Sew} Modern Monday with Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations. It's been a few weeks since I linked up, but I've been stitching quite a bit lately. Plus I'm super excited to meet Megan & many others at The Sewing Summit in less than 2 weeks!!!

They're taking registration until October 1st. So there's still time if you want to go.

The Sewing Summit

I did some more crochet this week to ensure that I got the basic stitches down. I actually learned some crochet several years ago, but I now realize I only learned the single crochet. Which is probably why I grew bored with it after only a few weeks. :)

A fun new scarf...

...with a scalloped edge!

Next up was these Citrus Twist Dishcloths. I made too many stitches for the border of the blue dishcloth so the sides are a little wavy, but I figured out my problem for the green one & I think it came out pretty nice.

Next came a big fail. This block was supposed to be for the 3x6 & 4x5 bees. Remember my first attempt which was a little boring? Well, this was my "fix", but the squares came out to 6 1/4" instead of 6 1/2" which made the final block too small. Plus, look at all those unmatched "corners."

Maybe I'm being too picky, but honestly I think I'd be a little disappointed if this showed up in my mailbox, everyone is these groups are so talented! Unfortunately, that means I just wasted some of my very special 1001 Peeps, but I'll figure out something to do with this poor little orphan block.

Sadly, this also means I'm back to square one with having no idea what block to make and, of course, I waited until the last week to make these. I had the best intentions to get them done sooner, but it just never happened. :(

If you have any suggestions on what block to make (11 times over) I'd love to hear your ideas!

Another success! I finished my I Love Patchwork Pouch.

I used Martinique by 3 Sisters & Whimsy by Fig Tree & Co for the blocks and muslin for the rest. I'm beginning to discover that I love muslin as much as Rashida loves linen! It's such a great neutral. Especially for the colors that I normally work with.

So this week I'll be sew sew sewing bee blocks and hopefully making a bag or two to carry with me to The Sewing Summit.

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Mary said...

I love the scalloped edge and stripe detailing on your scarf!

Maybe try a framed wonky nine patch? Would probably be easy to multiply by 11 :) best wishes!

MamaTea said...

Love the crocheting! I thought I was all cool that I could single crochet, and when I was finally taught that there about a zillion more stitches, it was like the whole world opened up! Love the pouch you made! :)

Amy said...

LOVE your scarf and the dishcloths!! :D

As for the orphan block, I've decided to keep all my orphan blocka and one day when I have a ton of them, I'll make them into a big funky looking quilt. Haha!

Amy said...

Your scarf turned out great! I love the scalloped edges, is it hard to learn? I keep telling myself I shouldnt learn anything new right now but after seeing all your pretty things, its hard not to! Your pouches turned out great too, nice patchwork!